FAQs 2018-07-05T09:33:00+00:00
Who is your Legal Council? 2018-07-05T09:23:48+00:00

Wildeboer Dellelce LLP. The firm has grown to over 70 people with approximately 45 legal professionals who serve the legal needs of a diverse client base of both public and private businesses. From 2001-2011, the firm maintained a branch office in Waterloo and the firm continues to service its Kitchener-Waterloo client base in the technology and knowledge based industries out of its Toronto office. In 2006 the firm moved from offices in One First Canadian Place to its own building, Wildeboer Dellelce Place, at the corner of Bay and Richmond Streets in Toronto.

Who are your Strategic Partners? 2018-07-05T09:22:31+00:00


Bancor’s technology will allow continuous liquidity of GRPM at any time without having to match with a buyer or seller.

Full list of partners to come.

Will the code be pushed onto GitHub? 2018-07-05T09:21:03+00:00

The token contract will be public on GitHub. Some of our components will be open source but we cannot say which ones for now. Matching protocols will be public in order to be verified on the blockchain.

How fast are GrowPayment’s transactions going to be? 2018-07-05T09:20:05+00:00

Since transactions are on the Blockchain, we are able to support an infinite number of transactions per block.

Are there still fees, since it is on the blockchain? 2018-07-05T09:19:23+00:00

There will be no fees to cancel an order.

How does the chain handle cancelled orders? 2018-07-05T09:18:44+00:00

Cancelled orders will be processed via the blockchain.

Which Tokens will be accepted throughout GrowPayment’s ecosystem? 2018-07-05T09:47:11+00:00
  • GrowPayment (GRPM)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Budbo Token (BUBO)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • LiteCoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • HempCoin (THC)
How do I contact you? 2018-07-05T09:17:00+00:00


Do you have a Roadmap? 2018-07-05T09:16:33+00:00
When did the development of GrowPayment begin? 2018-07-05T09:15:42+00:00

Development started in November 2017.

Where are your offices located? 2018-07-05T09:15:06+00:00

Growpayment is headquartered in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

Who is the GrowPayment team? 2018-07-05T09:14:39+00:00

Our team is comprised of professionals with a vast array of backgrounds and experience.https://growpayment.io/team/

Who has control over the reserve? 2018-07-05T09:13:50+00:00

The GrowPayment board of directors has control with a multi-signature system.

Will it be held in USD, BTC or GRPM ? 2018-07-05T09:12:48+00:00

The reserve will be held in GRPM tokens.

Is there a Reserve, if so what is the value of the reserve? 2018-07-05T09:11:57+00:00

Growpayment is planning to hold 30,723,214.29 tokens in reserve. This represents 15% of max supply.

Will the GRPM tokens be listed on any exchange? 2018-07-05T09:11:26+00:00

GRPM will be immediately tradable on decentralized exchanges.

Please check our partner listings to see what exchanges GrowPayment will be partnering with to increase access of GRPM tokens.

Will the GRPM tokens be listed on any exchange? 2018-07-05T09:11:01+00:00

GRPM will be immediately tradable on decentralized exchanges.

Please check our partner listings to see what exchanges GrowPayment will be partnering with to increase access of GRPM tokens.

How/When/Where will I receive my GRPM tokens? 2018-07-05T09:10:36+00:00

Tokens will be dispersed roughly one month after the conclusion of the ICO.

You can receive your tokens on any Ethereum wallet, as GRPM is an ERC20 coin.

*** PLEASE ensure you control the private key of the wallet you are using.

What is the Soft and Hard Cap for the GrowPayment ICO? 2018-07-05T09:10:08+00:00

Soft Cap (USD) is $3,000,000
Hard Cap (USD) is $25,000,000

What does this mean?

In order for GrowPayment to successfully move foward, the ICO must raise a minimum of USD $3,000,000.
GrowPayment will also stop selling GRPM token once the Hard cap of USD $25,000,000 has been reached.

What happens if the SoftCap is not reached?
In the event of an unreached softcap, all sent funds will be 100% returned to the matching sending address.

When is the ICO happening? 2018-07-05T09:08:11+00:00

Private sale: June 2018 – September 1st, 2018-06-23
The Crowdsale period is from September 1st, 2018 to October 31st, 2018.

Can I get a discount? 2018-07-05T09:07:28+00:00

Pre-Sale: 25% Discount
Week 1 of Crowdsale: 20% Discount
Week 2 of Crowdsale: 15% Discount
Week 3 of Crowdsale: 10% Discount
Week 4 – 8: No Discounts

What will be the price of GRPM ? 2018-07-05T09:06:32+00:00

Price Per GRPM (USD: $0.20.

What Blockchain are you using? 2018-07-05T09:05:51+00:00

GRPM is an ERC20 token. ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens.